Why should I contribute?

Eternal Reminder is a free service and always will be. It was created with countless hours of volunteer time, to help the LDS FamilySearch community hasten the work. Providing ongoing updates and maintenance is difficult. If you are able to make a donation, to help pay for some of our expenses, it would greatly be appreciated! This will enable us to send you reminders many years in the future!

We've worked hard to make adding reminders easy. By making an optional donation, you'll enable features that will reduce the time it takes to create a new Eternal Reminder and increase the year limit on adding new reminders. These additional features will be enabled for 1 year before they must be renewed.

What are the additional features?

Eternal Reminder links in FamilySearch

The Eternal Reminder links will allow you to create an Eternal Reminder with a single click, directly from the FamilySearch page.

Eternal Reminder link in FamilySearch

Increased reminder limit up to 10 years

Eternal Reminders can be set up to 10 years into the future (an increase from 5 years).

Eternal Reminder Image