What about the people that are already 110?

Over the past several months, I have noticed something very interesting. People were putting in ancestors that were already 110 into Eternal Reminder. Of course, trying that would cause the site to let you know that your ancestor was already 110 and that you can reserve their ordinances right now. The only flaw is the message was presented in the same box as all other errors (duplicate reminder, no birthday found, etc.) causing people to disregard the message and continue on.

Today I am happy to announce that the site now "forces" you to read the message for an ancestor that is already 110. Instead of being told your ancestor is already 110 in a mean, red error box the site now shows you a green box and the red "Add Reminder" button changes to a green "Reserve Ordinances" button which takes you straight to your ancestor's page on FamilySearch.org.

If you have put in an ancestor who was already 110 and were shown the misleading red error message, you will be receiving an email in the next few days with the PID numbers of all the ancestors who caused this error to be shown to you.

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