Know when your ancestors turn 110

We have been having some issues in the past with reminder emails being marked as spam by some email providers. In these situations, I have been sending emails manually from my personal email in hopes that my personal email address wouldn't be marked as spam.

Starting today, Eternal Reminder will now display a notification when you log in to the website if you have ancestors that have turned 110 since the last time you logged in. We will still be sending our reminder emails as always, but in the off chance that you don't receive it for some reason, this will also help serve as an additional notification.

Approximately 2/3 of new reminders are added via the Eternal Reminder Chrome Extension ( With the next update, released today, the chrome extension will also notify you of your ancestors that have turned 110. The chrome extension will only remind you once per day whereas the Eternal Reminder website will remind you every time you try and add a new reminder. The update to the chrome extension should be automatically installed within the next few days.

In addition to this, we will begin collecting phone numbers provided to us by FamilySearch. If the above and emails fail to get any attention, we may also begin calling you to remind you of your ancestors.

We are very dedicated to providing reminders for your ancestors and hopefully the above helps us achieve our goal a little better.

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