Images Update

Changes have been made to the New Reminder page. It has been made more visually pleasing with some animations. It also pulls your ancestor's image from FamilySearch and displays it on the page. In the future, your ancestor's image will be included in their 110th birthday reminder email, but this feature hasn't been implemented yet.

Features Added

  • Images and animations added on the New Reminder page

  • Any spaces are automatically deleted from the text area upon submit of your ancestor's ID number for verification. In the past, verifying the ID number with a space before or after the text would cause the verification to fail

  • Minor home page design element added

  • Ancestors that have more than 5 years before they turn 110 will no longer be allowed to have a reminder set. This is because, during that 5 years, the ancestor will likely be merged or deleted, rendering the reminder useless. All current reminders that don't meet this new rule will stay in the system until further notice.

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