100,000 reminders and counting + more updates!

When Eternal Reminder got started nearly 5 years ago, I had no idea the impact it would have. As of today, there are over 100,000 ancestors being tracked and waiting for their 110th birthday, and over 39,000 reminder emails that have been sent out. We currently gain 500-750 new reminders a week. It's incredible to see the amount of work that's being done, and I'm grateful that Eternal Reminder is able to have a small part in it.

It's been awhile since Eternal Reminder has received any major updates. I'm excited to announce a list of new features that will be coming soon (in the next couple of months):

  • New "View Reminders" page functionality to load reminders in smaller chunks instead of all at once
  • New "Ordinances Ready" view on the Eternal Reminder site
  • Ability to designate a "backup email" where reminders will be sent if they aren't confirmed at your primary email
  • Significant updates to the Google Chrome extension, including bringing back the inline "Add to Eternal Reminder" links directly on FamilySearch pages
  • Increasing the reminder year limit!!

I'm looking forward to getting these features released in the next few months. As always, I welcome feedback!

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